Our Equipment/Rigs

This page has a little information and some pictures about most of our equipment and rigs. If you are wondering what something does just take a look below the picture and there will be a little information about it. All specific equipment will be listed below its truck and anything additional will be listed at the bottom.

39-51 BLS/ALS Ambulance

39-51 is our main ambulance and responds to most of our calls. 39-51 is capable of handling our ALS calls with support from the Hunterdon or St. Clares paramedics.

39-52 BLS Ambulance

39-52 is our secondary ambulance and is capable of handling all BLS calls.

39-55 Crash/Rescue

39-55 is our crash/rescue truck. It is equipped with all types of rescue tools.

39-58 Command Vehicle

39-58 is a command unit used to manage large scale incidents. It is also used to access patients where an ambulance cant get to.

39-58A & 39-58B ATV's

39-58A & 39-58B are our ATV's they are used in search and rescue's, off road EMS, and some fire scenes. They are capable of transporting patients to an ambulance.

39-59 Rehab Support Unit

39-59 is used for rehab at a fire scene.

39-49 Water Rescue Boat

39-49 is used as our water rescue boat.

Serving Since 1971

The Oxford Emergency Squad was formed in 1971 by Joe Henderson, Harvey Hissim, and Dan Collins.

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The Oxford Emergency Squad is always looking for new members. We accept anyone over the age of 14 and will pay for all training.

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