Peggy Hissim Captain

Corporate Officers

Megan Niven President
Joan Fratezi Vice President
Brian Rutter Secretary
Donna McCann Treasurer


Alexa Beaumont Member
Sandy Dodge EMT
Joan Fratezi Vice President/EMT
Don Gunter EMT
Nancy Gunter EMT
Cherry Haney EMT
Krista Haney EMT
Raymond Haney Member
Peggy Hissim Captain/EMT
Austin Landes Member
Chris Parkin Member
Megan Niven President/EMT
Brian Rutter Secretary/EMT
Braden Spinks Cadet
Christopher Wilson Junior/EMT

Serving Since 1971

The Oxford Emergency Squad was formed in 1971 by Joe Henderson, Harvey Hissim, and Dan Collins.

Want to Join?

The Oxford Emergency Squad is always looking for new members. We accept anyone over the age of 14 and will pay for all training.

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Phone: (908) 453-2567

Fax: (908) 453-2770

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