Who are we?

The Oxford Emergency Squad has served the emergency needs of Oxford and White Townships for over thirty-five years. We are composed entirely of men and women who volunteer their time to this life saving work. We do not charge for our services and depend entirely on donations to keep the emergency squad going.

What do we do?

We respond to medical emergencies, traffic accidents, fires, water/ice rescues, and wilderness search and rescues. All our members are trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) or training to become one. We provide immediate care at the scene and transport patients to nearby hospitals for further treatment when necessary. We also work closely with hospital Paramedics on certain calls.

Medical Emergencies

Volunteer squad members respond to medical emergencies dispatched by Warren County Communications Center.

Vehicle Extrication

Oxford Emergency Squad performs all functions of vehicle extrications at motor vehicle accidents. We are trained in the use of the Jaws of Life as well as several other power tools required to safely open vehicles to gain access to victims.

Fire Rehabilitation

At fire scenes, the Oxford Emergency Squad supports the surrounding area fire departments by providing rehabilitation efforts to the firefighters using our support services ambulance. At designated times, a firefighter is medically assessed so it is deemed safe for him or her to continue firefighting efforts. We also provide water, towels, and any other assistance to the firefighters, including treatment and transport to the hospital if needed.

Search and Rescue

Squad members are trained in the use of two all-terrain vehicles, which were donated by White Township. These vehicles are fully equipped with medical supplies and patient transport equipment. We can enter the many wooded areas in our communities and then transport a patient out, if needed. Several members are also nationally certified Search and Rescue Technicians.

Ice and Water Rescue

Our members are trained to use the Oxford Emergency Squad boat for any water rescues. We also have equipment and training to provide rescue efforts of victims who have fallen into icy waters. We are often called to assist during floods in neighboring communities and have been called for water and ice rescues throughout Warren County since there are a limited number of Emergency Squads with these rescue capabilities.

Junior and Cadet Program

The Oxford Emergency Squad is committed to helping our community by having a junior and a cadet program. A junior squad member is 16-17 years old and can join the squad and become an EMT at this early age. We feel it is important to teach and assist these young members the importance of volunteering to serve their community while learning many important life saving skills. A cadet is 14-15 years old and can join the squad to help in any aspect possible. (building needs, vehicle cleaning, maintenance, fundraising, etc.) This gives them a great sense of pride at this early age to be able to participate and start giving back to their community.

Support Team

The Support Team's primary function is to assist with fundraising activities. They also assist the Squad Members at the scenes of time consuming calls such as fires and large scale incidents. They support the Squad by providing necessary items such as food and water at these scenes. Support Team members are not EMT's, but still wish to help serve the community.

Serving Since 1971

The Oxford Emergency Squad was formed in 1971 by Joe Henderson, Harvey Hissim, and Dan Collins.

Want to Join?

The Oxford Emergency Squad is always looking for new members. We accept anyone over the age of 14 and will pay for all training.

Contact Us

Email: contact@oxfordems.com

Phone: (908) 453-2567

Fax: (908) 453-2770

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